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Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia (HFHTVA) is a Williamsburg-based non-profit organization established in October 2008 with one goal: to take every World War II and terminally ill veteran in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas that is able and has not visited the World War II Memorial built in their honor on a charter bus day trip to Washington, DC.  In addition to the WWII Memorial, other scheduled stops include Arlington National Cemetery, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the National Museum of the Marine Corps (Quantico), and others sites as time allows.  All meals are provided and each bus is equipped with wheelchair lifts and restrooms.  Each veterans is accompanied by a trained volunteer guardian, who will assist them for the entire day.


There is no charge to the veterans as they paid for it through their dedicated service to our great nation more than sixty five years ago. We do not accept donations from our veteran participants, however, persons and/or organizations interested in donating to HFHTVA should visit the *Donations* link on the main menu bar at the top of this page. HFHTVA is 501(c) 3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We use 100% of the donations received for the expenses of the program.


HFHTVA does not have any paid employees and is staffed strictly with volunteers from the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas who are dedicated to honoring our nations' veterans.  For individuals and groups in the community that would like to assist or provide financial and/or in-kind donations, please CONTACT US via EMAIL or by phone at 800-619-0578 or 757-655-4342 (please note we do not have a live phone operator).  REVIEW AND PRINT OUR BROCHURE.
HFHTVA is a hub of the National Honor Flight Network, which was founded in 2005 and has over 130 hubs throughout the United States.  They have taken over 118,000 veterans to the memorial as of November 2013. (www.honorflight.org)
Planning Board:
Robert Doherty - HFHTVA President / Founder
Served in USMC; Retired Investment Banker;
Resident Williamsburg, VA
Matt 2
Matthew Hartman - HFHTVA Director
USAF (Retired)
Program Analyst, 710th Combat Ops Squadron (LAFB)
Resident Williamsburg, VA
April 2
April Maletz - Asst Director (Virginia Beach/Southside)
USNR (Retired)
Mission Support, Joint Staff J2 (Hampton Roads)
Resident Virginia Beach, VA
Dana 2
Dana Rivera - Asst Director (Richmond)
USAF (Retired)
Director of Social Services, Sitter and Barfoot VA Center
Resident Sandston, VA
Connie 2
Connie Drago - Database Manager
Served USMC
Teacher/Athletic Trainier, Floyd E. Kellam High School
Resident Norfolk, VA
Christine Olivier - Veteran Liaison
Resident Norfolk, VA
 Stan Romes - Veteran Liaison
USAF (Retired)
Resident Chesapeake, VA
 Kylie Wathen - Guardian Liaison
National Park Service Volunteer
Resident Hampton, VA
MSgt Kevin Ferrara - Photographer (Ferrara Digital Art)
HQ Air Combat Command - Installations and Mission Support 
Resident Hampton, VA
Doug 2
Doug Harshbarger - Treasurer
 USAF (Retired) 
Resident Williamsburg, VA
Martha Kastler - Flags of Our Heroes Coordinator
USN (Retired)
Resident Virginia Beach, VA
CMSgt Rachelle Woodruff-Kelso
Social Media Coordinator
 HQ Air Combat Command - ISR Directorate
Resident Yorktown, VA


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