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I was fortunate to be part of the October 17th trip to Washington, DC, and what an experience that was! Honor Flight is truly a great organization. Your planning, execution and thoughtfulness are beyond anything I might have expected. Nothing was neglected or forgotten -- it was superb in every detail.

Kent T, 17 Oct 2009 Trip

I have heard my husband tell and retell of his wonderful outing. The miserable weather could not dampen his enthusiasm. He was proud to be a part of this and glad to have the opportunity to see the memorials he hadn't seen. The recognition they received somehow amazed him. I thank you that my husband could be a part of this.

Gladys M., 17 Oct 2009 Trip

I have been in this world for over 87 years and had the opportunity to visit many countries and had many highlights, but the Honor Flight trip will be the most memorable. A visit to the WWII Memorial should be a priority of all veterans as it provides the opportunity to realize his or her efforts during the war were important. The Memorial also induces an accumulation of the memories of the friendships developed and sustained since.

Richard M., 17 Oct 2009 Trip

Thank you for the superbly organized trip to Washington on October 17. Despite the weather, all of us enjoyed the places that we visited and being with so many of our fellow veterans. It is highly unlikely that we will ever again be among so many WW II veterans. I believe that there were men from each branch of the service on my bus. I was an Army Air Corps pilot, 89 years old on October 12, so this visit to Washington was the best present for which I could wish. I hope that many more veterans will have the opportunity to take this trip, as it is a day that we will long remember.

Carl A., 17 Oct 2009 Trip

I will always remember that trip and we all were treated as kings both on the trip and at the ice cream social. I will be 84 next month and have never experienced a trip and treatment like that before. Thanks again. I have told my veteran friends to get in touch with you.

Harry B. 30 May 2009 Trip

I mustn't let time go by to express my thanks and appreciation to you and all your team for the wondrous day that was yesterday in our day-long sojourn to Washington. I have told my family in some detail of our day.  I have described to them how perfectly organized the day was for all of us and the system of guardians that was followed to assure safety and comfort to so many no-longer-young veterans. For you and your team to bring the whole day off without some mishaps is to the credit of all the Honor Flight team members. It was a day we'll all long remember.

Paul E. 30 May 2009 Trip

I am in awe of your willingness to take on the daunting task of transporting such a large number of elderly and infirm veterans to DC. You did a magnificent job and we are forever in your debt.

Ralph R. 30 May 2009 Trip

I would like to say Thank You for such a wonderful trip to Washington to see the World War II Memorial and the other memorials. Thanks also to all the volunteers that went out of their way to be so helpful and considerate to us old guys.  This trip is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I hope all the WWII veterans have an opportunity to go.

David H. 30 May 2009 Trip

I want to thank you and your organization and all the sponsors and groups who made it one of the most memorable days of my life, and that's from an old guy who has had a blessed and interesting life who has met or seen many celebrities, traveled over much of the world but until this trip had not see the WWII memorial.
Frank P. 30 May 2009 Trip

The work, the thinking, the planning which you all put into that trip was tremendous. The organization was perfect, and I want to thank my guardian for making this one of my most enjoyable experiences ever. At age 92, that is saying a lot.

William A. 30 May 2009 Trip

Without a doubt it was the nicest trip I've been on. I would encourage any World War II veteran to take it. LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE

R. Lewis 30 April 2011 Trip

On behalf of my dad and myself, I would like to thank you and your excellent team for a most memorable experience. What a phenomenal trip. It was a great experience for my Dad and all the veterans. Hearing stories from the veterans was worth it all by itself. Watching the veterans reaction to the honor guards and the thank you handshakes was a moving experience. It appeared that they all lost at least twenty years of age as they approached and went through the welcome lines. I would highly recommend the program to friends and relatives. If you need guardians for future trips, please let me know, as I would gladly come down from Connecticut to do it again.

J. Bittner (Guardian) 30 April 2011 Trip

I want to say again what a wonderful day's outing you and your group provided for us old "geezers" who are the remnants of the military forces of W.W. II.  You and your group seemed to have thought of everything that could be done to make last Saturday a very, very memorable day for us .... an event that will linger in our minds and hearts until the end of our days (or until alzheimers takes over).  Your presence at my side provided a lot of assurance to my wobbly old legs.  It was a great pleasure to get to know you.  At the trip's end I felt as though you were a friend of long standing.  I cannot find words with which to express adequately my sincere appreciation for the great care you took of me.  You and your group truly showed great honor and concern for us old timers.  I don't recall having been so greatly honored since I marched in my last parade in l945.  THANKS SO VERY, VERY MUCH!

R.F. Furman 22 October 2011 Trip

I know you must have at least 86 messages to wade through ... and it's difficult to know where to start.  Yesterday's trip to the WWII monument in D.C. was awesome, extradinary, outstanding, over the top, moving ... a total WOW!  Being able to experience it with my 95 year old dad was also awesome.  We surprised him at the monument with a visit from his grandaughter and his two great-grandsons, and his grandson.  Y'all probably don't get the lingering feedback from the vets that we guardians get after the event.  Trust me, every little detail has been mentioned by my dad and he will be talking about this for a VERY long time.  We are going to put together a Kodak Gallery photo album for him once we see the photoghapher's pictures, so he'll have a lingering memory of that special day.  I could go on and on about every little detail, but all that really needs to be said is a HUGE thank you to you and your staff for making that day happen in such a wonderful way.
R. Bragg (Guardian) 22 October 2011 Trip


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