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Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia First Annual Golf Tournament

As you all know, the entire Honor Flight Network is supported by donations made by countless individuals, organizations, and corporate sponsors. We have received amazing support from the local community since our Hub was chartered in December 2008, but find ourselves at this time needing to dedicate some of our energies to fund raising. One of the ideas we are tossing around in hosting a charity golf tournament sometime in the fall (mid-September to early October 2013).

For those of you who may have taken on this task before, you know it is a HUGE undertaking that needs a small army of volunteers to be successful. The purpose of this e-mail is to determine if we can muster enough support from those of you who have volunteered to support us in the past to make this work. We have several committees that need volunteers, but more importantly, committee chairpersons. Please review the list below and let us know if you would like to lead one of these committees or would like to volunteer your time/expertise as a committee member. If you think you have the time, please feel free to volunteer for more than one committee (but only if you are not volunteering to be a Committee Chair).

Sponsorship Committee - at a minimum, we will be looking for hole sponsors, but this can also include drink cart sponsors, driving range, putting green . . . the possibilities are almost endless. This committee would be responsible for securing sponsors, collecting funds, having signs printed to recognize our sponsors, and other duties determined by the Chair. This is easily the most important (and probably the most difficult) task and will make or break the event.

Advertising Committee - simply put, we need to let everyone know we're hosting this tournament. The more teams/golfers we attract, the more money we can raise . . . and the more money we raise means we will have the ability to escort more WWII and Korean War Veterans to Washington D.C. to see the monuments and memorials built to honor their sacrifice and service. Guess you could say this one is pretty important too!

"Goodie Bag" Committee - this is the free stuff given to each player as they sign in for the tournament. Members of this committee will scour the land looking for organizations and businesses to donate sleeves of golf balls, tees, golf towels, snacks, 'stuff' with organization/company logos . . . pretty much anything. Several days before the tournament, this committee will also need to put the goodie bags together. The Chairperson for this committee will be our own Kelley Hall (HFHTVA Veteran Liaison).

Food/Drink Committee - make arrangements for lunch and/or dinner (to be determined when venue is selected and day/time of event is established). This committee will also be responsible for snacks and drinks being provided or sold to players on the course . . . yes, this is the committee who will be responsible for the always popular "drink cart".

"Rules" Committee - this committee will determine which "extras" the players will be offered (i.e., mulligans, string, "rent a pro", etc.). They will also be responsible for coordinating with the golf course to determine any special "ground rules" for the tournament (an added twist to help keep things interesting). LOTS of money can be made here, so a good committee is vital.

Raffle/Auction Committee - potentially another big source of $$s. At a minimum, this committee will be responsible for securing items for the raffle(s). We are also seriously considering a silent (and maybe an additional live) auction. Success here will be measured by the number of items (especially any "big ticket" items) we can get donated. This committee will also be responsible for selling raffle tickets and tracking the bids and collecting money if there is an auction.

Are we forgetting something?? If yes, please reply to this e-mail and let us know ASAP.

Again, at this point we are only trying to determine if we have enough volunteers to make this a successful event. Please hit reply to this email and send us your name, contact information, and which committee you'd like to work (or Chair). We'd like to make a decision by the end of this month, so please send us your replies no later than March 29, 2013.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support,

Matt Hartman
Director, Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia


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